I have always loved wildlife, going to the coast and just being outside away from the bustle of normal life.  Photography has been my escape from the reality and turmoil in my life and has given me a reason to travel and adventure. I want to push myself to take the best photographs I can and with my educational head on I am happy to share my learning and experiences in the simplest way possible.  Limited to the middle of the day, most of my photography is achieved with boys in tow and a small window of opportunity.

I am also a bit of a wanderer! I love to meander through wild places, see what is over the next hill or around the next corner all the while taking photographs. I will spend hours planning a trip, finding great beds to sleep in and different places to visit. Whilst I don’t do it on a tight budget, there is always a thrill to a fantastic day out for next to nothing. I am also very conscious of my impact on the places I visit and the wildlife I encounter. I take time to learn about an environment, the behaviour of the wildlife or the customs and traditions of a community before I leave home and I try to leave no trace of my visit.

This website is my space to share my images and some of the amazing places I have been lucky enough to visit. Documenting my progress as a photographer and our adventures, it will grow slowly with time.  New places off the beaten track provide endless options for photographs and finding the hidden corner of a well known location is a personal buzz.  Sometimes I venture into cities and towns but my real love is for wildlife and remote locations.

All of my photographs can be purchased, just drop me a message and we can chat about what you want or visit my licensing page.

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